A new single titled “Rise Above” is set to be released by Davey Beige on Friday the 4th of February, 2022

Following the single release in February Davey’s new EP of the same name is set to drop in April of 2022. The four songs on the EP are shaped by his recent passion for electronic synths and drum machines. Davey collaborated on the music with experienced producer and musician Zed Brookes. Over the previous two years Zed and Davey shaped the songs by swapping music files, rough demos and computer tracks. The result as Davey describes the EP is ‘electro-rock’. Davey says, “The songs just kept on getting bigger and bigger as we added more guitars and electronic instrumentation. Sometimes this approach dosen’t always work but as we added more sounds and flavours the tracks felt really epic, so at a certain point we just went with it.” 

About Davey Beige

Davey Beige is a New Zealand singer-songwriter who plays folk, blues, rock and electro-rock. Davey is set to release a new single “Rise Above” in February 2021 and an EP of new tunes in April 2022. The four songs from the new EP are shaped by Davey's recent passion for electronic synths and drum machines.

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